Q: Does Promedent keep me informed of employees' annual limits on spending?

When your employer increases your annual limit, it will be automatically be reflected on your employee data that you can access by logging into the employee section of the member site. You will also receive an email of any changes that your employer has approved.

Q: How often does an employee file a claim?

Promedent recommends that employees, who are not shareholders, file a claim twice a year (every 6 months).

Q: When will I be reimbursed?

EFT claims are only processed on the first Wednesday that falls on a full week of each month.
Manual claims are processed once all required documents are received.
Reimbursements should be expected 2 weeks following the successful withdrawal date. Please allow an extra 2-3 business days for those who are expecting reimbursements via mail.

*Please note: To ensure that funds withdrawn for claims have cleared the banking system (there is generally a 10-day hold by financial institutions), Promedent reserves the right to hold funds for up to 30 days from the withdrawal date in a separate trust account.

Q: What is the time limit to file a claim?

Employees must submit claim within 3 months of the businesses year-end.

Q: Does the employer share the responsibility for the security of an employee's medical & dental records? If so, what is my responsibility?

When a claim is made, the employee will give the employer the original medical and dental receipts to support the employee's claim. The employer retains this information in case they are requested during an audit. In addition, since the employer has the right to adjust any claims, the employer will have access to override the employees' claim.

Q: How long does the employer to hold employees' submitted receipts?

Under the Employment Standards Act, employment records must be retained for 7 years after the employment ends. We recommend that you do the same with these records.

Q: What if an employee doesn't want their employer to see medical receipts

Original receipts may be submitted in a sealed envelope with a general claim form. The envelope is only opened if required for audit purposes.

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