Registration and Security Issues

Q: How do I register for Promedent PHSP? How much does it cost?

There is a one-time $150, plus GST/HST (as applicable by province), fee for registering. The fee for online claims via the EFT process is 1% or $50, whichever is greater, plus GST/HST (as applicable by province). The fee for manual form submission / cheque reimbursement is the greater of 1% or $80 plus GST/HST (as applicable by province). Claims totalling $25,000+ will be subject to audit. A 2% processing fee will apply. The employee pays nothing.

Q: Is there a fee for adding and deleting employees?

There are no fees for adding or deleting employees if done on-line, through the internet.

Q: Do I share the responsibility for the security of my employee(s) medical & dental records? If so, what is my responsibility?

When a claim is made, the employee will give the employer the original medical and dental receipts to support the employee's claim. The employer retains this information in case they are requested during an audit. In addition, since the employer has the right to adjust any claims, the employer will have access to override the employee's claim. The employer does not have access to the employee's user id and password if the employer has provided the employee's email address at the registration stage. A new program is under construction that will allow employees to submit their receipts directly to Promedent rather than the employer for adjudication. The service will be available by request for an additional fee.

Q: What software and settings are needed to use the Promedent website?

Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera, IE (7 and higher) or equivalent web browser. The browser must also be allowed to accept per session cookies. Per session cookies are automatically deleted once you close your browser or a specified amount of time has elapsed without activity.

Q: How do I know that my funds are safe with you?

All funds received are held "IN TRUST" until disbursed to your employee.

Q: Do you safeguard my personal information?

Promedent operates a secure website and adheres to a strict privacy policy.

Q: Can I change or delete previous claim submissions? If yes, how much time do I have to cancel or delete an earlier submission and is there a cost in doing so?

An employee's submissions can be changed up until the employer approves the claim. Once the claim is approved and under process, the cost to amend the claim is the standard administration charge (currently $50 plus GST/HST as applicable by province).

Q: Is there additional cost for NSF, returned items, special request fees?

A $25 fee is charged for NSF, returned items (withdrawal or deposit rejected) and special requests.

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